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As we age our skin tends to be one area that changes quite a bit. Because of a variety of factors – some natural and some environmentally driven – our skin becomes less tight and we begin to see wrinkles and lines forming on its surface. Some of these begin very small and grow into larger, more visible problems. Others such as frown lines and worry lines are well defined from the moment we first begin to notice them. Information on the science of wrinkles can be found at Wikipedia.
Another way our skin can change is through stretch marks. These markings are the result of our bodies having grown and shrunk in very rapid manners, without giving our skin time to put itself back in the right shape. The biggest example of stretch marks can be seen in women who have given birth. After the baby is born, the crevices and canals in their skin are left around their stomach for years to come, and usually permanently. Another way people get stretch marks is by gaining and/or losing a large amount of weight. Staying in shape is important, learn more here.

Wrinkles, or canals on your skin, can be formed through a multitude of ways and in just about any part of your body. By taking the right preventative measures such as wearing sunblock, avoiding stress, and using lotions and creams to combat them early on, you can keep them from getting too large. But once they’re formed there are a variety of other ways you can fight them. Consult your doctor or dermatologist about how you can fight wrinkles and close up some of the canals in your skin today.





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